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The Mithi River Race 0

The Mithi River Race (Nov 30th), Mumbai

A River is essentially ‘Energy of Water’, while Marathon is about ‘Energy of People’. Rivers signify the Flow & Purity as against stagnation and Marathons nurtures a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body as against Inactivity. Rivers connect cities & civilization like running & cycling does to our higher self and our...

Image:, The 2nd Rishikesh XC Half Marathon is being organized on Nov 9th, 2014 0

Rishikesh XC Half Marathon (Nov 9th, 2014)

Running & Living is organizing its 2nd Rishikesh XC Half Marathon, the event will have 3 different categories, 5km, 10km & half marathon. Over 50 people participated in their 1st race (HM), the winner  took 2:29 hrs on the hilly tracks, considered to be one of the toughest races in India....