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Sumit’s Journey halts at RAAM after riding almost 1600km

This was not the result Sumit Patil would have expected but for the first timer at RAAM, team couldn’t have expected more than this. Sumit’s brilliant journey stopped at 17th time station ( South Fork, CO) where he was declared DNF on account of time taken. His Avg timing drastically reduced to...

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Sumit Crosses 800 miles in RAAM 2014

Sumit has crossed a critical milestone, after riding  through hot Arizona area he has completed 834 miles in 4 day although his average speed as come down.  He has also moved few levels up in the tally, he is currently placed at 19th positions, 4 riders in his category have...

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  Ultra BOB is the most toughest, steepest, and the first Ultra Cycling race in India. It appeals to a rider in every which way with the fabled Kalhatty climb, a steep climb that a rider seeks to conquer after having pedaled on for 230kms from Bangalore to the foothills...