About Us

Discover what’s exciting happening in sporting world in India and at times world. Don’t just watch; participate in some of the exciting sports events near you. Get the special attention on Rural Sports in India, we are weaving the sporting world in India!

Khel Kood Kee Khabar as the name suggest is Hindi world, when translated in English, it actually means News from Play & Jump, well it didn’t seem right..isn’t ? . So we will just use Khel Kood Kee Khabar  (खेल कूद की खबर).  Founded in 2014, our primary objective is cover the sporting events in India. A times you will seem some exciting news, we want you to read during your recovery period.

Through our Events Calendar, we will try to get all information about upcoming events which is not restricted to any sports, anything & everything which excites you, will be here. Yes, it will have events related with Motorsports as well.  We will ensure the events time and dates are accurate as per the information available but you must get the final confirmation from organizing groups.

Step Out, Step Up!